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Accurate Techniques of Playing Togel Gambling for Beginners

If you are still a beginner, then you want to try to play togel gambling with a trusted togel bookie site. But don’t know how to do the trick, you came to this site correctly.

I am here to help you, explain the guide to playing the togel as briefly as possible but with very correct and clear material.

How to play togel gambling is not that complicated, but you have to first understand what the togel is.

Togel is a bet to guess the exact number, now what you need to learn here at  is that the togel has all the market options in guessing the numbers.

For example, as you want to buy a motorbike, but you are given all the choices of motorbike brands in different ways such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and then others.

Likewise, togel certainly has a different market, such as the Singapore market, Sydney, Hong Kong, Totojawa, https://www.1-dewatogel.com/ , and there are still many markets that you can play.

Precise Techniques for Beginners

As discussed earlier, in the togel there is a different togel gambling market. For example, like the Singapore market, Sydney, Hong Kong which you have to choose

In the togel game, you are also given more or fewer choices. As follows.

  • Plug Free
  • Macau
  • Plug in the Dragon
  • Precise Plug
  • Middle
  • Edge
  • Bigger/Smaller
  • Shio
  • Cross
  • Flower
  • Combination

Consists of 12 togel game choices, which of course in every choice/combination regarding how to play the same is to guess numbers, but only variations are given for togel players to have few choices.

Even though there are more or fewer choices, of course, make sure the numbers are from only four numbers, namely the daily numbers that come out through the official togel.

How are the tricks to play the togel game with the 12 options above? Let’s discuss it together

Types of games in the togel

4D, 3D, 2D togel

The simplest and easiest bet type and most people play, where here you only need to guess 4D (4 numbers), 3D (3 numbers), and 2D (2 numbers).

For example, the result or expense is 4287, and you place a bet on free 2D with numbers 8 and 7.

  • 4D = 4287
  • 3D = 287
  • 2D = 87

Information :

  • Declared to win because the 2D number in the result is 87.
  • Declared to lose if the two 2D numbers are different from the one in the result.

Free Plugin Togel

For beginners, you can try this type of free plug-in bet, it has a way to play that is not difficult to understand because here you only need to guess 1 number wherever the position of the 4 resulting numbers will come out on the market.

Example: You place a bet on number 8, the result of the online togel market is 7831.

  • You win because there is a number 8 in the result.
  • You lose if the number placed is not in the result.

Togel Colok Macau

If in a free plug you only need to guess 1 number, on this Macau plug you have to guess 2 numbers wherever the position is from the market result.

Example: If you place a bet on numbers 3 and 5 and the result is 3485.

  • You are declared to win because in the result there are numbers 3 and 5.
  • You lose if the 2 numbers posted are not in the market result.

Togel Plug Dragon

The way to play this plug-in dragon online togel is that you have to guess 3 numbers that will come out of the market results and their position can be anywhere.

Example: You place a bet on numbers 2, 4, and 5 and the result is 2645.

  • Declared to win because the three numbers placed are in the result.
  • Declared loss if the three numbers are not in the result.

Togel Colok Precise

In the online togel game, there are several parts such as As, Kop, Head, and Tail. How to play the right plug-in togel is that you have to guess exactly 1 number that will come out of the result and in the right position.

Example: If the bettor places a bet on 5 heads and the result is 7852.

*Information :

  • As = 7
  • Header = 8
  • Head = 5
  • Tail = 2

Winning is declared because the number 5 is in the Head position. Declared to lose if the number that is guessed is not in a position or does not exist at all in the result.

Well, easy is not how to play the togel, if you already understand how to play the togel, then you can immediately search for the best and most trusted online togel bookie sites.